Kathryn Adele: the gist

Here you will find the musings of a tall and gawky feminist who is sentimental as heck and usually funny only to myself. My name is Kathryn, and I’m the palest Floridian you’ve ever met. I’m married to the cutest boy I know and we live in a sweet, closet sized apartment in Tampa, Florida.

This is my collection of love letters, embarrassing stories, questions, and blunders.  Let’s journey together: you can teach me lessons of love and I’ll write you something that will hopefully make you smile. 

Photo from my friends Jake & Katie (www.jakeandkatie.co/) for Jordandene






2 thoughts on “Kathryn Adele: the gist

  1. Well hellooooo, Ms Ruth! I only just saw your comment but I was so happy to read it! I love getting glimpses of your girls’ lives on instagram and such – your family has always been so precious!

  2. Hey there Rich, sorry for the delayed response. I am in fact the one who runs @choosetampa. I’m thrilled that you enjoy it! I don’t have much time for meeting up but thank you for the kind words and for participating in the #choosetampa fun!

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