A Letter to My Little Orange Seed.

Last weekend I took some quick photos for friends who are as near to my heart as humanly possibly. The pictures were for a special announcement: a little girl is on the way. This is the first time someone I love so dearly is having a baby. This is the first time my heart has broken in the most beautiful way over a child. This calls for a letter.


My darling little orange seed,

I love you already. I have loved you, “wholly and completely”, since the moment I first learned of you. I had barely made it in the door when your mother yelled, “Guess what!” and I knew. She told me you were the size of an orange seed – so small and dainty. I hugged your momma tightly and I fell in love with you in one fell swoop.

You are tangled into every prayer that I say. I ask our Father to keep you safe; to hold you and your beautiful mother in the palms of His hands. For He loves you even more than I ever will be able to – even more than your sweet mother & father are capable of. He already knows you. I already love you, but he already knows you. He knows the sound of your laugh, He knows the things that will scare you, He knows the songs that will get stuck in your head. Sweet girl, you are already adored by the creator of the Universe. And I am begging Him to keep you safe so that I can also have the pleasure and honor of hearing your laugh.

My heart flutters when I think of the joy you are bringing to your parents. You are going to have it better than you could ever know. Your mother is beautiful and the most loving vessel I have ever met. She is going to teach you how to serve others and how to bake pies. And your father is going to keep you so, so safe. He is going to be an excellent earthly father who points you back to your Heavenly Father.

Last week I was at a party filled with people who are going to go crazy over you, and I watched your parents across the room. Your father was resting his hand on your mother’s stomach, hoping to feel his daughter dance. And when she wasn’t watching, your father would look at your mother and smile. So content. So peaceful. So thankful for the woman who is giving him the greatest joy: you.

IMG_2421 copy
Our friend Kelly made this print for little orange seed – click the picture to head over to her etsy shop!

Oh my sweet little orange seed, I have already imagined what it will feel like to hold your tiny body in my arms. I have already grinned ear to ear over the thought! I can’t wait to tickle your neck and steal every single one of your kisses. You’re going to have so many aunts and uncles – some by blood, and many by love. I pray that you’ll save up all the love you are going to receive and then, when you find people in your path who have not known love like you have, you’ll give them yours freely. I pray that you know that this is what your Creator desires of you. You are invaluable in His eyes. Even now, while still just a fluttery bump inside of your mother, you are invaluable to God. You will never have to work or strive or fret for worth. You have it, so don’t worry your beautiful little head about that. Instead, spend your time loving. Walk closely with your heavenly Father and love.

I promise to do my best to always reflect Christ to you, little orange seed. I promise to encourage your sweet parents, to pray for them and you, and to sing hymns into your ear. You’re going to be a force to be reckoned with, my darling. A force of good and a serious force of beauty. You’re going to move mountains and if you’re anything like your mother, you’re going to have quite the affinity for cats. I can’t wait to meet you because, after all, I already love you.

— always and always yours.


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